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Englisch Workshop

Die folgenden Texte wurden in einem Englisch - Workshop geschrieben, in dem wir zunächst einige landeskundliche Themen aus Grossbritannien (England) und USA besprochen haben, die Städte London und New York wurden vorgestellt. Danach durften die Schülerinnen und Schüler zu zweit oder alleine nach eigenen Vorstellungen Geschichten schreiben. Dabei sind zum Teil lustige und zum Teil spannende "Stories" entstanden, welche mit nur wenig Hilfe der Lehrperson nochmals korrigiert wurden und nun hier veröffentlicht sind. Viel Spass beim Lesen!

Susi Chiani


Hi, I’m Jenny and I will tell you a crazy story about Rihanna.
Rihanna went shopping on a nice day on Broadway. She already bought one ? for tonight’s concert.
Rihanna went down the red carpet and suddenly saw a red hat on the carpet. Rihanna thought it was from a star. They got ready for the concert. She sang many songs. Up to a song she did not sing any more.
A fat man with a hat flew on to the stage. He said: “Hi, I’m Santa Claus. Will you be my wife?” She said to Santa Claus: “No.” Santa Claus was kind of disappointed but still went dancing at the party with her. After the party Rihanna went home to bed and Santa Claus flew to the North Pole.
Rihanna could not sleep. She was thinking about Santa Claus who would like to marry her. The next day she went to the airport. Rihanna flew to the North Pole. After a long trip she was covered by snow. She saw a green creature from far away, an elf. She followed the elf to a hill. He went in and Rihanna too. She went to Santa Claus then and asked him if he would marry her. He said yes.
Three years later they had two babies. In summer Rihanna had tours and in winter she was on the North Pole.

This was my story. I hope you liked it very much.


It was December 23rd . Me (Tim) and Tom are brothers and we live in a house in Queenstown Road. The river Thames was frozen. Then Tom had a bright idea: “We can go skating on the Thames.“
We went to Harrods and bought skates. After that we went with the underground to Waterloo station and walked to the Thames. It was great. Tom and I had a race. “Who is first at Battersea Park?“ , Tom said. When we were at the Tate Britain a police boat came up behind us. “Stop!” I knew they meant us. We ran up from the Thames and to Pimlico station. We jumped into the train and the door closed behind us. At Green Park station we took the Piccadilly line and went to London Heathrow Terminal 1, 2 and 3. At Terminal 3 there are the North and South American flights and we bought two tickets to New York!!!

Nine hours later we landed in New York, at JFK airport. We went to 5th avenue in a yellow taxi. Then I bought a house on 5th avenue.

At the same time Tom filled out a lotto paper. Two days later we got a letter from the lotto centre: “Dear players, you have won 50 million dollars!” “Juuuhuuuuuu!!! I want to see fireworks.” I bought a boat and many bombs. I put the bombs on the boat and sent it alone out on the Hudson River. And … Booooom!!!!!!! There were very, very, very nice fireworks.

And then came a very, very, very famous person: James Bond! (Music! Tataa ta taa!) He said: “I search a Tim and a Tom. Have you seen them?” I and Tom ran away and (cried) shouted: “I’m Tim and that’s Tom.” We went to the street and said: “Taxi”. Mr. Bond did the same. In the car park at JFK Mr. Bond shot and we ran to the terminal. We were alone in Terminal B and James Bond shot again. The next flight to London was in five minutes, at midnight. I and Tom ran to gate B 22. We went into the plane and the doors of the plane closed behind us. “That was a lot of luck”, said Tom.

Nine hours later we took a bus to Queenstown Road, took a lot of food and a taxi to the Imperial War Museum. At the museum we bought a “Harrier Jump-Jet” and flew to an island in the South Pacific. We bought the island and made a new state: “Klinton Island”. The main city was “Peace”!

The Indians were the inhabitants and the island had an airport and a harbour. The harbour was a very great one, the people called it “Pearl Harbor”. Then the Americans gave us a statue of peace!

Klinton Island had its birthday on December 24th , at Christmas. And it has 10.000.000 inhabitants!!!!!!!!!



"Hello everybody. Welcome to the yearly travel with famous stars. First of all we gonna visit famous places and give a concert in the YankeeStadium.", Barack Obama said. He could not wait

to travel with famous stars. Rihanna, Usher, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera were there. " Let`s get into the limousine. ", Barack Obama said. Ten minutes after they left, Christina Aguilera asked:" Are we already there -.-". Barack Obama answered: " No in ten minutes we will be in the make-up place." " And when we get to the Yankee Stadium?", She asked. " When we finish with the make-up, we have 15 minutes, till we are in the Yankee Stadium. Then we have 1 hour to practice the song that we want to sing.", Barack Obama answered. "Can we perform our song together?", Adam Levine asked."Yes You can!", Barack Obama answered. "Hey Jay-Z. Do you want to perform with me?", Rihanna asked. Jay-Z answered: Yes man, that`s a good idea." Then Lady Gaga said to Beyoncé:" Darling, You and me??", and chewed her chewing gum like a horse mixed with a donkey." Yes!", Beyoncé answered.Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera perform. Usher will sing . Then they were in the make-up place. Everybody was full of powder. Even the men. Just Barack Obama didn`t have to put on powder.

Then they were in the YankeeStadium. There were 50.000 people in the stadium. What a show. Then Christina found a penny on the floor. She pick up the penny. And just then, when her head was near  the floor, a knife flew in her direction. If there had not been a penny on the floor, the knife could have cut of her head! She was lucky and unlucky. After the show they went into a disco. There was a big party.

Beyoncé danced on the dancefloor and when her dance finished, she lay on the floor. Just when she was on the floor, a second knife flew in her direction. The knife missed her to 5 cm. She was lucky and unlucky. Then this murderer put a grenade in the bus of the stars, because he thought that they went home by bus, but then he realized, that stars go by limousine. Then he couldn't go by bus, because he forgot which bus had the grenade. Then he walked home on foot. That was a very very long way!!! And if the murderer doesn't chase them, they live their star-lives lucky and unlucky like before.


Hello I`am Kristen Steward`s best friend and I will tell you a story. I`m sorry my name is Rose. Kristen lives in the Plaza Hotel in a suite. Now she is shopping in 5th avenue. She wants to buy a dress which goes well with the very important amulet . Suddenly a girl comes running and gives her a letter. Kristen Steward takes the letter and reads it. The letter says: “Hello Kristen, can you come to the UN building at three a clock”. At three o`clock Kristen stands in the building. In the building there are many crazy people but also some normal people. At once the light goes out. All persons are nervous. Kristen go es back to Plaza Hotel. In the evening Kristen touches her neck and she cannot feel the important amulet from her friend Robert Patison. Kristen looks for it in every place in the hotel , she goes out into the street but she doesn`t find the amulet. On the next day a letter is on the table, the letter says: Hello My name is … I stole your amulet but do not go to the police. Mister X Kristen goes shopping with a friend. Now she sees a picture it says: DANGEROUS, PICKPOCKETS
Kristen thinks of Robert. In the evening Kristen calls Robert.

Robert: Hi

Kristen: Hi

R: What happened?

K: Sorry, but I can’t find our amulet .

R: Okay I will come to you tomorrow

K: Really? Thankyou

R: You`re welcome.

K: Good bye

R: Good bye

On the next day Robert goes to the Plaza Hotel. Kirsten expects Robert already. She kisses him. “Sorry” says Kristen. “It`s okay I have your amulet, because I wanted to find out if you are a true friend. Do you want to marry me?” Says Robert. “Yes” says Kristen. Robert gives her a ring. And she kisses him.


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